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Hello and welcome to my web pages. Thanks for visiting. I hope you find this site useful and informative.

On this site, you'll find a host of information predominantly about me and my work, but I've also included details of my interests. Likewise, this site will allow me to make my CV and work details available even when I have no access to a PC or the internet personally to forward them on.

I am a dynamic, hands-on or off PRINCE 2 qualified Project Manager who has demonstrated an exceptional aptitude to the management and control of business critical projects within a large corporate environment. I am an experienced Project Manager used to dealing with business, customer & financial stake holders.

I have over 20 years IT-experience in a variety of both end-user and IT industry companies with a strong and varied technical background incorporating; technical support; training; programming / development; business analysis; sales & marketing; networking; and consultancy. Since 1999, I have worked for a several different computer services / outsource companies and have always been focussed on customer delivery.

My strengths lie in my ability to manage either multiple projects simultaneously or single projects. I can manage projects with both a "hands-on" or "hands-off" approach. As I have a strong and varied technical background I am able to solve technical problems myself and likewise understand the nature of the requirements. I believe this allows me to add significant value to any organisation.
I have, for many years, worked as a consultant attending Board / Director level meetings and participated in strategy discussions. I am a great team-player and prefer to lead by example. I have a strong sense of fair play. I am quick to defend both myself and colleagues / subordinates where I feel injustice is being served and will provide my support until resolution. Where mistakes are made, once any problems are resolved, I spend time with the individual(s) concerned looking at how and why things went wrong and how we can ensure they are avoided in future.
I believe ownership of a problem plays a key in its resolution and always ensure all parties involved are satisfied that the problem is solved before its sign-off. In any management arena, I believe the “buck stops” with me! My focus is primarily on problem resolution with Route Cause Analysis coming as a close second.
I believe good management is about striking a balance between decision-making and man-management. Perhaps one of the most important roles in management is acting as a “buffer” for all issues to ensure that individual pressures that cannot be dealt with by subordinates are not revealed to them.
I believe the key to effective “service delivery” of any kind is ensuring you have the staff, knowledge and tools to achieve it. People are the most important! If you manage people well, you can manage most situations well. When everyone in a team are working cohesively, there is very little that cannot be achieved.
Many people who have worked in the services industry, by their very nature have a strong affinity to their employer but I believe that correctly motivated staff can exceed normal individual expectation. Making people feel worthy and that their individual job and performance makes a difference is a major factor in the success of effective service provision.
I have a 'can do' positive attitude and my focus is always on delivery, in-time, on budget and to the highest standard. I would say I am a go-getter. I believe that I will always bring vibrancy, energy and ambition with a fresh approach to management to any organisation.

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